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1、 Reasonable kitchen layout design shall follow the following design principles:
1. The kitchen layout design shall meet the needs of established dishes.
2. Strictly grasp the principles of separation of raw and cooked food and separation of clean and sewage to ensure food hygiene in the kitchen.
3. The production and processing process is simple and smooth, avoid circuitous crossing, shorten the conveying process as far as possible and make the path clear.
4. The functional areas of the kitchen are clear, independent and communicate with each other, which is convenient for chefs to perform their duties and cooperate.
5. There is a reasonable space for operators to walk, which is convenient for chefs to operate, with a wide field of vision and convenient management.
6. The kitchen shall be equipped with a good smoke exhaust system to ensure air circulation and no stuffy feeling, so that the chef can have a comfortable working environment.
2、 How to separate the cold dish making room? What is the appropriate temperature for the cold room?
The cold dish room is the place where cold dishes are cut into pots. The production of cold dishes shall follow the five special systems of special personnel, special room, special tools and special refrigeration. The pre entry room of hand washing and disinfection facilities shall be set at the entrance; Independent air conditioning facilities are set in the cold basin to keep the indoor air clean; An ultraviolet sterilization lamp is set, and the water supply pipe is connected with the copper pipe to supply raw drinking water. In order to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, the drainage system of the cold dish room shall not be set with open ditches, and the ground shall be kept clean. The cold dish room can be separated by aluminum alloy glass, and vegetables can be transmitted through the window. The suitable temperature of the cold dish room should be lower than 24 ℃.
3、 How to confirm whether the dishwashing position is reasonable?
The setting of the dishwashing room shall comply with the principle of separation of cleaning and sewage, so that the tableware used in the restaurant or processing room can be easily sent to the butterfly washing room for cleaning and return for standby. In addition, the location facilities of the dishwashing room shall also deal with the storage and transportation of garbage, pollutants and other garbage. In the process of washing and disinfection, tableware enters on the one hand, and clean tableware is sent out on the other hand. Therefore, it is clean, the sewage flow line is clear, there is no detour, and the crossing position is reasonable. On the contrary, this is unreasonable.
Central kitchen equipment
4、 How should rough machining room and operation room be separated? What is the appropriate temperature in the operating room?
The rough processing room is a place where raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, poultry and meat are processed into preliminary semi-finished products. The procedure of the roughing room should be from pollution to cleaning, so special attention should be paid to the cleaning line to avoid the return of cleaning after processing. The transportation route of a large amount of garbage generated in the process of work shall not be confused with the clean logistics line. Because aquatic products and poultry are easy to be infected with bacteria, they can be separated from vegetable rough processing. That is to set up meat and vegetable processing room and vegetable processing room.
According to the needs of dishes or cold meat, the operating room weighs, washes, cuts and garnishes various rough processed non-staple food raw materials to become raw food semi-finished products to be further processed, and continues to send them to the hot furnace for processing.
The rough machining room and operation room are set separately. The production flow line from raw materials to finished products shall be simple and smooth without detour and intersection. Rough machining room and operation room are places with large drainage. When open ditch drainage is adopted, it is easy to clean and dredge. Oily drainage shall be set separately from other drainage systems, and oil separation facilities shall be installed. The appropriate temperature in the operating room shall be lower than 26 ℃.
5、 Does the kitchen take effective sound and heat insulation measures between the kitchen and the dining room?
There should be some buffer space between the kitchen and the restaurant. Generally, the pantry is used as the transition space, and a double spring door can be set; Cooking screen; Corner porch and other methods can effectively solve the problems of sound insulation, heat insulation and taste separation, so as to avoid the perspective of dining guests to the kitchen. The reasonable design of the row design can timely absorb a large amount of heat generated by the kitchen stove into the oil fume, ensure the air circulation in the kitchen without the feeling of muggy, and let the chef have a comfortable working environment. There should be a certain negative pressure value in the kitchen, so that the oil fume and smell generated in the kitchen will not escape to the restaurant, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation and odor isolation.
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