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The central kitchen equipment can simplify the processing of non-staple food, and only need to set a furnace and cutting supporting workbench. The situation is very different. It can be flexibly designed according to the actual situation of the structure, area and required equipment, but it needs to follow the relevant principles. How is the layout of each area of the central kitchen equipment reasonable?
1、 Reasonable kitchen layout design shall follow the following design principles:
The kitchen layout design shall meet the needs of the established dishes.
Strictly grasp the principle of separation of raw and cooked food and separation of clean and dirty water to ensure kitchen food hygiene.
The production and processing process is short and smooth, avoiding detours and intersections, and shortening the conveying process as far as possible to make the path clear.
The functional areas of the kitchen are clear, both independent and communicating with each other, which is convenient for the chefs to perform their duties and cooperate with each other.
There is a reasonable space for operators to walk around, which is convenient for cooks to work, with a wide view and convenient management.
The kitchen shall be equipped with a good smoke exhaust system to ensure air circulation and no hot feeling, so that the chef can have a comfortable working environment.
2、 How to separate the cold dish preparation room? What is the appropriate temperature for the cold dish room?
Cold dish room is a place where cold dish finished products are cut and loaded. Cold dishes shall be prepared in accordance with the "five special" system of "special personnel, special rooms, special tools and special refrigeration". A pre entry room with hand washing and disinfection facilities shall be set at the entrance; The cold basin room is equipped with independent air-conditioning facilities to maintain the indoor air cleanliness;
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp shall be set, and the water supply pipe shall be connected with copper pipe to supply raw and potable water. In order to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, the drainage system in the cold dish room should not be set with open ditches, and the ground should be kept clean. The cold dish room can be separated by aluminum alloy glass partition, and the dishes are transmitted through the window. The appropriate temperature of the cold dish room should be below 24 ℃.
3、 How to confirm whether the position of washing dishes is reasonable?
The setting of the dishwashing room shall comply with the principle of separation of cleaning and sewage, so that the tableware used in the restaurant or processing room can be easily sent to the dishwashing room for cleaning and return for use. In addition, the location facilities of the dishwashing room shall also handle the storage and transportation of wastes, pollutants and other wastes. In the process of washing and disinfection, on the one hand, tableware enters and on the other hand, clean tableware is sent out. Therefore, the separation of clean and sewage flow lines is clear, and the position without detour and intersection is reasonable. On the contrary, it is unreasonable.
4、 How to adopt effective sound insulation, heat insulation and odor isolation measures between the kitchen and the dining room?
There should be a certain buffer space between the kitchen and the dining room. Generally, the pantry is used as the transition space, and double spring doors can be set; Serving screen; The corner porch and other methods can effectively solve the problems of sound insulation, heat insulation and odor isolation, and can also avoid the perspective of the dining guests to the kitchen.
The reasonable design of exhaust air volume can timely absorb a large amount of heat and oil smoke generated by the kitchen stove, ensure that the air circulation in the kitchen is not stuffy, and make the chef have a comfortable working environment. There should be a certain negative pressure value in the kitchen, so that the oil smoke and odor generated in the kitchen will not escape to the dining room, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation and odor isolation.
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